The diminishing bell curve of theatrical cuisine

It seems that the great chefs have finally understood that it is better to get back to their kitchens than to constantly appear on TV.

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The new App of the Restaurant Guide

Our Restaurant Guide on line scored a great success with the App for smartphones and tablets to the point that it now has 100,000 users around the world. Its graphics and content have been thoroughly renovated. It is easy to updating it and one’s favorite restaurants are quickly memorized.
Searches can be conducted by name, municipality, province, region, country, median price, nearby location and even by the kind of dish that is desired. An absolute novelty that is featured is the ability to leave a comment that can be recorded, albeit under supervision of the Secretariat. Academicians can use a special channel reserved for them, and their comments are separate from those of other users who are not Academicians. Besides a free open comment, a restaurant can be evaluated (by using our little temples that vary from 0 to 4) according to three criteria: hospitality, quality of dishes served, quality-price ratio. The new App, available both on Apple and Android platforms, places our guide at the top in terms of access and wealth of data in the field of restaurant guides. It is the duty of all Academicians to keep it up-to-date, thus making it ever more.

Paolo Petroni



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